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SeaNanners explains why he disappeared for 2 years in YouTube return

Published: 30/Aug/2020 11:53

by Georgina Smith


Adam ‘SeaNanners’ Montoya left the internet in 2018 after “the darkest year” of his life, with no guarantee he would ever return. But now in 2020 he has made a surprise return to YouTube, and explained the real reasons behind why he was gone for so long.

Adam is known primarily for his gaming content, playing a variety of games including Call of Duty, GTA, and more lighthearted games such as Golf It before his online break beginning in 2018.

Before his departure, he had amassed an incredible 2.5 billion views, and 5.5 million subscribers, building a massive community over his many years on the site. So fans were concerned when he appeared to leave it all behind for good. His last Tweet came on May 15, 2018:


But, on August 29, 2020, he made his comeback. In his return video titled “What happened to SeaNanners? Why I left the internet,” Adam went into detail about the exact reasons he left YouTube for so long, and what eventually made him want to return.

“In 2018, that was probably the darkest year of my life.” he said. “I had a lot of emotional debt that had not been paid. I have dealt with anxiety and stress and depression and anger a lot in my life.”

“I spent a lot of time uploading videos. But I haven’t spent a lot of time on myself,” he went on to explain. “My life had sort of become stagnant. I didn’t know where to go, who I was, what was happening.”


He explained that he and his partner sold a lot of their belongings and moved to Austin, Texas as a way to reconnect with and reevaluate their lives. He apologized for just “bouncing and not saying anything” and reiterated that he is trying his best to become a “more stable, stronger, happier person.”

He said he’s “feeling out” what’s next, with the intention to make both YouTube videos and livestreams, and told viewers that now he has another income stream from a source that isn’t YouTube, he’s able to truly enjoy content creation.

Lots of fellow YouTubers welcomed Montaya back, and gave a nod to him as their inspiration for starting YouTube.


His return is great news for fans who have waited a long time for Adam to make another YouTube video and the announcement that he will be making content again will also bring in a new wave of viewers who may not have watched him before.