Seagull loses his mind over Torbjörn’s ultimate during Overwatch match

Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment

Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned is one of the most well-known Overwatch streamers, but he just couldn’t seem to make up his mind on Torbjörn’s ultimate.

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Torbjorn got a complete rework in September of 2018 that changed his abilities and his ultimate, which no longer affects his turret and now sends out a stream of molten slag to damage enemies.

Seagull’s been spending a lot of time playing the new hit battle royale Apex Legends, but he managed to find some time for a few rounds of Overwatch.

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During a recent stream, Seagull was running Torbjorn during a competitive match, and managed to throw out his Molten Core before being eliminated.

After getting just one kill with the ult, Seagull cried out “This ult is so bad, it’s so garbage.”

Just as the streamer was about to lose all hope and faith in Torb, the enemy Moira wandered into his ultimate and died.

“Oh wait wait, he died to it,” Seagull said, his faith restored. “This ult is amazing!”

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Torbjörn was among the heroes to get buffed in Overwatch’s February 26 PTR patch. He got 50 armor taken from his Overload ability, but had it added to his base health instead.

Whether or not this will increase Torb’s survivability as intended by developers remains to be seen, as does when the updates will go from the PTR into the live game.