Scump reveals he would do influencer boxing fight on two key conditions

scump holding his fist up in celebrationCall of Duty League

Newly-retired Call of Duty legend Seth ‘Scump’ Abner has given his thoughts on whether he’d ever get involved in the world of influencer boxing, and while he sounded reluctant, he did say it’s possible, with two conditions in mind.

Scump announced his retirement from professional Call of Duty on January 17, shocking the scene that had prepared for him to call it quits after the season ends — despite not even being halfway through it.

While Scump himself, as well as the wider community, are still trying to figure out his post-playing career, he was asked on a recent episode of the OpTic podcast whether he would consider being involved in the influencer boxing fights taking over the internet — and it wasn’t exactly a resounding no.

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At the start of the episode, the OpTic crew began talking about Scump’s post-retirement life, and creative director Davis ‘Hitch’ Edwards asked if boxing could be on the cards.

“Nah, man, I’m not a fighter, I’m a lover,” he told Hitch, before slightly backtracking and saying that he would do it on two conditions. “Well, actually, if the money was right, and if it’s a fight that I think that I could win, I mean… Who knows?”

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He went on to add that getting embarrassed is “the worst thing that could happen” and he would “never live it down” if he get knocked out.

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That said, we know these influencers have made absurd amounts of money from their boxing matches — in fact, Jake Paul was the third highest-paid boxer between 2021-22, pocketing approximately $36m from his fights alone.

So, if the bag was really that big, it might be hard for Scump to turn it down.