Student scores school presidency after Dr Disrespect-inspired speech

Dr Disrespect school electionDrDisrespect/FreePik/Pixabay

A student vying to become school president brought violence, speed, and momentum to his speech, stunning Dr Disrespect fans and even the Doc himself.

Dr Disrespect has become an icon in the online entertainment industry. The two-time has managed to captivate many with a best-selling book to his name and even his own game company.

One fan of Doc’s, a student named London, even decided to channel the banned Twitch streamer at the most interesting of times: a school election.

Interestingly enough, the youngster actually managed to pull off the delivery quite well and now he’s going viral as a result.

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DrDisrespectStudio_mainDr Disrespect
Imagine having a mini Dr Disrespect as school president.

Student becomes Dr Disrespect for school election speech

In a video uploaded by Dr Disrespect’s video editor, Jesse Navarro, the boy walked up on stage and unleashed a tirade as if he were the two-time himself.

“Let’s face the facts, I dominated this year as your vice-president. So if you think I’m gonna stop right there? If you think that’s the end of the line? You think we’re done? Sonora Eagles, we’re just getting started,” he said to begin, echoing Doc’s top of the mountain speech.

The Doc mannerisms continued with London mimicking the YouTuber’s intro with “the name… is London” and claiming to have “4 foot 11 – 18 inch vertical leap.”

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The end of the speech was met with thunderous applause by London’s fellow students, proving that he really nailed it with the electorate.

Luckily, the tyke ended up winning his school’s election as shown in a tweet uploaded by Midnight Society, a AAA Game Studio helmed by the one and only Two-Time Blockbuster video games champ.

Dr Disrespect impressed by school presidential speech

Amazingly, even Doc himself was impressed by the speech and retweeted it for The Champions Club to see, seemingly endorsing London in the process.

In any case, with folks like London taking an interest in school politics, the United States looks like it has a bright future ahead.

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