Kitboga Hilariously Fools a Scammer Asking About Ninja

Prank caller Kitboga ran into a scammer who tried to explain who Ninja is.

The hilarious interaction even resulted in the scammer using the ‘ligma’ meme.

Kitboga pranked the scammer by pretending his copy of Fortnite was not working.

The scammer responded that the game is working because Ninja was currently streaming without issue.

Of course, Kitboga played dumb and the scammer brought up the “ligma” meme.

Kitboga is known for his prank calls to scammers and keeps his real name a secret to protect himself from the potential danger.

He wastes the scammers time, with some calls going for hours, to keep them from talking to people who might be vulnerable to the scam. The practice is known as ‘scambaiting’ and Kitboga is one of the most popular scambaiters around.

The idea of pranking scammers came to Kitboga when his grandmother fell to a scam, according to an interview he conducted with The Daily Beast.

A character he plays called ‘Edna,’ is actually based off of his grandmother.

His prank calls have become a sensation on Twitch, gaining close to 300,000 followers.

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