Samuel L. Jackson shouts out KEEMSTAR and joins TSM with Myth at E3 2019

Daniel Cleary. Last updated: Oct 08, 2020
Geoffkeighley twitter / TSM

Movie icon Samuel L. Jackson has announced he is “joining” Team SoloMid, alongside Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani for E3 2019, calling his announcement a ‘Drama Alert’ for KEEMSTAR.

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With esports rising into the popular culture and becoming mainstream, it’s becoming less of a shock to see more collaborations between celebrities and esports teams and players.

With notable names such as Drake and Michael Jordan even investing in their own esports teams, it was only a matter of time before popular actors were next among the many to get involved.

YouTube/TSM Myth
TSM Myth has enjoyed massive success as a streamer on Twitch since the release of Fortnite.[ad name=”article2″]

Samuel L. Jackson, who is one of the most iconic actors of all time, teamed up with Myth to release a short teaser for the pair’s collaboration at E3 2019.

The teaser featured Jackson playing as his character in his upcoming movie, “Shaft” and he even called out YouTuber and Drama Alert host KEEMSTAR when announcing he would be partnering up with Myth, saying:

“Listen up motherf*ckers! Shaft here with a drama alert for KEEMSTAR, I’m now signed to TSM and this is my new partner, Myth.”

Myth announced that the pair would be taking part in their first match on the official E3 YouTube channel at 1pm Eastern Time, although the details of what exactly they will be getting up to remains unclear.

It’s unlikely that Samuel L. Jackson is actually joining the TSM organization, as this is expected to be a short term collaboration between the pair for the promotion of his latest movie.

Regardless, many fans are hoping to see more collaborations between the pair in future, and E3 2019 will be ripe for more celebrities to enter the space and get involved with esports and gaming.

Fortnite is also hosting its celebrity Pro-Am tournament at the convention, where popular streamers and YouTubers will team up with famous athletes, musicians, actors and more to compete for charity.