Sam Hyde sends gruesome threat to Hasan after boxing match challenge

Sam 'Candy Man' Hyde calls out Hasan PikerYouTube: Pro Boxing Fans

Sam Hyde called out Hasan in a bizarre post on Twitter after reacting to a clip of his debate with Trainwreck and xQc, where Hasan discussed the subreddit LivestreamFails and Sam’s previous callout to him.

In the post, Hyde made several strange promises that he would “experiment” on Hasan, referring back to his previous pledge to fight him in a boxing match.

He said: “Oh brother… stop being hysterical. I just want to change the way you look… I wanna experiment on you and make you uglier…..

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“I wanna get you in a shipping container and maybe ill have some bolts in your neck like Frankenstein when I’m done… relax.”

Hasan has blocked Sam Hyde on Twitter so it’s unlikely he’ll respond directly.

When did Sam Hyde challenge Hasan to a fight?

The callout comes after Hyde threw down the gauntlet last year in the wake of his fight with IAMTHMPSN. Hyde fought the violin player on the KSI vs Swarmz undercard, and challenged Hasan to a fight after his victory.

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“You know that Hasan Piker! I’m coming to kill you! In Los Angeles at your house!”

However, Hasan quickly dismissed any notion of fighting Hyde. When asked at TwitchCon if he’d consider accepting the challenge, he said: “Dude, no. Why are you talking to me about some dumb*** weirdo n*zi? You think it’s f**king funny, dude?”

The clip Hyde responded to was part of his debate with Trainwrecks, which was organized by xQc in order to make get the pair on better terms.

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