s8n banned on Twitter days after becoming Rogue’s first "pro Tweeter"

by Andrew Amos
Twitter: Rogue / Twitter


Satan’s very own Twitter account, @s8n, has been suspended from the platform just 48 hours after esports organization Rogue signed them on as a “professional Tweeter”

The popular s8n Twitter account, with over 2.3 million followers to its name, has been taken down as of January 30 for violating the platform’s rules.

It comes days after the popular account was signed by European team Rogue as their first “pro Tweeter,” with Satan himself taking over the organization’s page from January 28.


News of the ban started circulating on January 30 when many users noticed that they could no longer access the account’s page from the Rogue tweet about the takeover.

100 Thieves The Mob member ‘Avalanche’ tweeted out “damn, they took s8n,” along with a screenshot of the song “Feds Did a Sweep” by Future.

Speculation has been rife about why the popular Twitter account was suspended. ‘Mako’ tweeted out a screenshot allegedly from the creator of the account, which seemed to reveal Twitter had disabled the parody account for “violating rules against platform manipulation and spam.”


“You may not use Twitter’s services in a manner intended to artificially amplify or suppress information or engage in behavior that manipulates or disrupts people’s experience on Twitter,” the statement says.

According to SocialBlade, the s8n account has only 7,452 tweets to its name over its 12 years on the platform. However, platform manipulation could also apply to ‘alt accounts’ like the 220,000 follower @s8nspam account, which is enough to get both accounts banned by affiliation.

The wording on the email also makes it appear the account is banned permanently from the platform, so Rogue’s first professional Tweeter might have a hard time doing his new job.

s8n Banned on Twitter
Users trying to navigate to the s8n Twitter page will see this.


The identity behind the s8n twitter account is allegedly a 26-year-old British man named Michael, as reported in an article by OneZero.

The account has gotten in trouble with Twitter in the past, even getting “shadow banned” from the platform when the algorithm was revised in 2019.

Dexerto has reached out to Twitter and Rogue for comment.