Ryland Adams criticizes Addison Rae’s UFC controversy: “They got what they wanted”

Lizze Gordon and Ryland Adams discussing Addison Rae's UFC reporting roleYouTube, Lizze Gordon and Ryland Adams. Twitter, Addison Rae

Lizze Gordon and Ryland Adams cast doubts over whether Addison Rae was qualified enough for her reporting role at the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

In the video posted to YouTube, Adams said he believed Rae “was not the most qualified for the job”. At the same time, he defended Rae against the backlash saying “people just like to be outraged and angry”.

The video was posted to their joint channel “The Sip with Ryland Adams and Lizze Gordon” on July 14. He also believes Rae knew it was ridiculous pointing to her tweet claiming she got fired as she “kept doubling down”.

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Addison Rae reporting at the UFCTwitter, Addison Rae
Addison Rae reporting at the UFC.

Adams said the question of whether Rae deserved the role “doesn’t matter” because of her platform and because “she’s a very pretty young girl.”

He continued, “They got what they wanted from her, the position that they hired her for, for what I believe was a one-off gig.”

However, Gordon and Adams couldn’t help but make a few digs at Rae.

Gordon admits she “didn’t have a problem” with Rae until she saw her on the Kardashians. Both then went on to mock her appearance on Jimmy Fallon.

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Gordon: Addison Rae’s talent “not a real thing”

Later on in the episode, Gordon and Adams discuss Rae’s new role in the upcoming “He’s All That” film.

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Continuing on from the UFC controversy, Adams and Gordon discuss how Rae got into hot water over landing the role.

Gordon goes on to say that it was “hella funny” that Rae insisted she auditioned for the role. The YouTuber countered “it’s like ‘no girl they hit you up because of your clout and your following’.”

Addison Rae in front of some leavesInstagram: addisonraee
Addison Rae is one of the most popular influencers on the app TikTok

Gordons then went on to mock Rae, saying needed to do was “prove that you’re like marginally capable of being a normal f**king person on-screen saying lines.”

Gordon also cast doubts whether Rae had got the role based on her merit and talent because she’d “seen enough to know that it’s not a real thing.”

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The TikToker’s UFC controversy

Rae posted a picture to Instagram showing her wearing some UFC workout gear. The photo fueled speculation that Rae was about to collaborate with the organization.

Not long after, she posted several images to Twitter as a reporter for the UFC.

The photos were posted with the joke caption “I studied broadcast journalism in college for 3 whole months to prepare for this moment.”

This wasn’t Rae’s only controversy at the UFC either.

Addison Rae greeting Donald Trump at the UFCYoutube, NELK
Addison Rae greeting Donald Trump at the UFC

In a NELK boys video posted to their channel, Rae was seen approaching and amicably chatting to former President Donald Trump.