RuneScape Streamer 'WeGodsGaming' Banned for Having Sex on Stream

by Virginia Glaze


Yet another streamer has fallen victim to the ban hammer for having sex while streaming.

Twitch streamer WeGodsGaming went live with some RuneScape - or so he said.

As it happens, the streamer left his webcam on (likely by accident, as the title of a clip of the broadcast suggests that he forgot to turn off his stream) and broadcasted something entirely different than the historic MMORPG.

Shrimpin ain’t easy - literally. While the game’s title screens played in the foreground, the streamers’ webcam was still live, and captured a rather intimate moment between himself and another person.

Viewers unfortunate enough to pass by the stream had some hilarious commentary to add to the situation.

“Dude, tell her it’s DXP”

“Bro, you’re wasting XP”

However, another viewer urged the streamer to ask the object of his affections to wait - after getting a good laugh out of the situation.


“Tell her she can wait. Wtf u doin”

WeGodsGaming’s Twitch channel is no longer active, and cannot be found through searching the platform. However, a few Google search results that are left up (which ultimately lead to dead links) reveal that he played more than RuneScape - he played MapleStory, as well.

This blunder is one of many. Popular streamer XpegASAS was banned from Twitch for a similar mistake - however, unlike WeGodsGaming, there was no video to accompany the act. Instead, he was banned for audio that suggested sexual deeds. While he is now back on the platform, WeGodsGaming has yet to be seen or heard from.