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RTGame goes crazy after spending 13 days to finally catch shiny Pokemon

Published: 18/Feb/2020 23:17 Updated: 18/Feb/2020 23:19

by Michael Gwilliam


Twitch streamer and popular YouTuber Daniel ‘RTGame’ finally completed his journey of capturing a shiny Pokemon in Sword and Shield after spending nearly a fortnight trying to snag the pocket monster.

On February 18, the streamer was casually talking to his chat while knocking out random Wooloos he encountered, waiting to come into contact with a shiny one.

In the Pokemon series, shiny Pokemon are extremely difficult to find. Unlike traditional “legendary” Pokemon, shinies can be found anywhere, but it’s really a matter of luck when it comes to running into them.

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Shiny Pokemon differ from their non-shiny counterparts with different colors, and a sparkle animation plays upon encountering one.


After knocking out his 3419th Wooloo in a row and walking into the tall grass, he finally came face-to-face with what he was searching for – and couldn’t believe his good fortune.

In fact, the streamer didn’t even realize it at first, as he was concentrating on his chat – but he was in for a big surprise once he looked up at his screen.

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“Oh, f**k!” he shouted. “Oh my God. Holy sh*t! We did it! Yes!”

The Irishman then got very quiet, clearly overwhelmed after spending so long waiting for this moment. After making sure the music was right, he used the correct Pokeball to make the catch, successfully securing his prize.


“Oh my God, we did it,” he melted after capturing the shiny Wooloo. “I never thought this would happen.”

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In total, the streamer spent over forty-nine hours and encountered 3420 Wooloos before finally coming across his sought-after shiny.

Because Wooloos are found on Route 1, this meant that the YouTuber would finally be able to enjoy the rest of Sword and Shield.

“Now we get to play the game!” he joked. “Phase two begins now.”

Hopefully, the rest of his playthrough goes a lot smoother than the painstaking hours he spent in the search for the shiny Wooloo.