Tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste lashes out after being accused of pedophilia

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber and celebrity tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste was accused of sending sexually explicit messages to underage fans - and now, he has finally spoken out on the claims.

Lacoste appeared in an episode of Drama Alert with host Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem for an interview, where he explained his side of the story in light of the allegations.

According to Lacoste, some of the leaked DMs were real while others were faked, causing the situation to look “a lot worse than it really is.”

“I feel that in today’s social media… with photoshop and having multiple accounts, it’s really easy to manipulate situations,” he said of the claims.

Lacoste went on to explain why he'd deactivated his Twitter account, claiming that he’d been so bombarded with hate that he wasn’t able to use the outlet.

He likewise claimed to have been “unused” to his sudden fame on social media during the incident in 2016, alleging that the girls in question were “being flirty” and “throwing themselves” at him.

“Almost all of them were lying about their age,” Lacoste continued. “...They’re rearranging the conversation to make it look like I was reaching out to these underage girls.”

Lacoste was accused of sending inappropriate messages to two underage, female fans in a series of Tweets on March 15, who claimed to be aged 14 & 15 at the time the DMs were sent in 2016.

The messages included a slew of sexually explicit content, with the poster claiming that Lacoste knew that she was underage - and even wanted her to create a “dirty group chat” for himself and others.