Roman Atwood shows off insane new home after stalker drama

YouTube: Roman Atwood

YouTube star and family vlogger Roman Atwood has revealed his incredible new home after a year-long hiatus, during which he dealt with multiple instances of severe stalking.

Roman Atwood is a major presence on YouTube with over 15 million subscribers due to his positive content and humorous family vlogs, which detail his everyday life with his wife Brittney and their four children.

Despite posting vlogs nearly every day for quite some time, the social media star went silent on all platforms for nearly a year, leading many fans to wonder about his sudden absence and hope for his safety.

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The star returned to YouTube to reveal that he and his family had been victims of several stalkers, who had called in a bomb threat to a family funeral, changed their home address and car insurance policy, and even sent photos taken from their own security system.

Roman Atwood speaks on stalking incidentsYouTube: Roman Atwood
Roman Atwood and wife Brittney were forced off YouTube due to several severe stalking incidents that came about last year.

However, it seems that Atwood and co. have finally moved on from these terrifying moments in their lives, as evidenced by the incredible new home they bought and showcased in February 27 YouTube video.

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Atwood adamantly claimed that the purchase of their new home is the start of a brand new “chapter” of their lives, after growing their family by welcoming baby Knox into the world a month prior.

The home boasts an immense entryway with two lavish staircases, a massive kitchen and pantry, and, of course, walk-in closets (not to mention the music room where Atwood has stored his drum set).

Decked in black and white, the house is truly a minimalist mansion — the perfect fit for a family of six and other guests.

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Despite the temptation to do so, Atwood declined to give his viewers a full house tour, preferring to focus on their accomplishment of starting fresh after dealing with the stress of multiple stalkers.

Although their move may not have been a direct result of these stalkers, it wouldn’t come as a shock to fans if it were; YouTube star David Dobrik likewise moved house after experiencing several frightening instances of stalking, during which a fan even broke into his bedroom.

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For now, it looks like Atwood’s fanbase is as excited for his new home as he is, and are hopeful that this means more content for the future.

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