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Rocket League talk show sets world record for longest livestreamed broadcast during charity fundraiser

Published: 12/Aug/2019 15:43 Updated: 12/Aug/2019 16:06

by Matt Porter


Witty Humans Attempt a Talkshow, a channel dedicated to the world of Rocket League and esports, has set a new world record to become the longest live talk show streamed online.

Over the past seven days, WHAT has broadcasted live all day every day, bringing a host of guests to the livestream to discuss the world of Rocket League, esports and more, doing it all to break a world record set by Lifestyler TV in Germany in 2011, and raise some money for a worthy cause.

While the team at WHAT were aiming to set a world record for longest livestream talk show, they also hoped to raise $500 for the Gamers Outreach Foundation, an organization which builds and provides portable game kiosks to medical centres which feature built-in games consoles, allowing sick children to play while they are in hospital.

PsyonixWHAT discussed the world of Rocket League esports over their 150 hour-long stream.

With a target of 150 hours and 30 mins to beat, the crew kicked off their stream on Monday, August 5, and over the span of seven days continued to discuss all things esports with a rotating cast of characters, until they finally broke through that barrier seven days later on Monday, August 11.

Playing an altered version of Europe’s iconic track The Final Countdown, the motley crew of esports fans celebrated alongside a number of viewers in Discord as they ticked over the world record, and became history makers in their own right.

The celebrations were so loud in fact that the Discord server couldn’t keep up with their voices, lagging and stuttering as the cheers and yells of delight rang out.

Not only that, the crew at Witty Humans Attempt a Talkshow also managed to smash their $500 target for the Gamers Outreach Foundation, raising over $800 at time of writing.

While WHAT have now surpassed the world record, they are currently still streaming, with no sign of them shutting down the show any time soon. 


Virtual streamer CodeMiko banned from Twitch for third time

Published: 19/Jan/2021 10:40 Updated: 19/Jan/2021 10:53

by Connor Bennett


Popular virtual streamer CodeMiko has been banned from Twitch for the third time, leaving some fans asking if this is a permanent ban. 

Over the years, Twitch streamers have come up with different ways to stand out from the crowd instead of just being world-class at certain games. Some have ramped up production in a major way and you can’t really take your eyes off it.

That includes VTubers and virtual streamers too, who use a digital avatar, editing, and even in some cases, a motion capture suit, to replace themselves on-screen and take on a different persona. 

In the last few weeks, Codemiko – a streamer who takes the VTuber concept to a whole new level – has been getting massive numbers on Twitch. However, she’s now been banned, yet again. 

CodeMiko on a livestream
Twitch: CodeMiko
CodeMiko is a virtual streamer with 50,000 followers on Twitch

The ban came on January 19 after StreamerBans, who tracks all the different bans – temporary or permanent – on Twitch, tweeted that CodeMiko had been suspended by Twitch. 

The reason for the ban, or its length, is unknown but some fans were quick to speculate on the reason. Some suggested that it was because she used the word Simp – which was recently banned by Twitch. 

Others noted that in a previous stream, where she was interviewing fellow streamer PayMoneyWubby, Codemiko was incredibly drunk and could have been banned for that. Twitch does have some strict rules around drinking on stream, especially if you get out of hand and overindulge. 

There’s no way of confirming just why she’s banned, or how long the ban will last unless the streamer reveals it herself. Twitch typically does not comment on individual bans.

The only thing she’s posted regarding the ban was the ‘sadge’ meme.

This would be her third ban, previously being banned twice in September of 2020.

However, a streamer has to be banned three times within a three month period to rack up a permanent ban, so, she’ll probably be back at some point in the near future.