Rocket League pro just turned an Addison Rae tweet into merch

Musty addison rae rocket league merch

Professional Rocket League player Musty just dropped a line of merch featuring a tweet from TikTok superstar Addison Rae.

Musty is a prolific figure in the Rocket League community. Before going pro as a sub for The General NRG, he created an iconic, aptly named mechanic: the Musty Flick.

He’s also the second Rocket League content creator to gain 1 million subscribers on YouTube. And he currently sits at 2.6 million. But content creation isn’t holding him back from the game’s professional scene.

Despite his success with Rocket League, Musty seemingly struggles with relationships. His fans frequently joke about his lack of a romantic partner. However, TikTok superstar Addison Rae seems to think Musty is pretty cool.

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Musty makes Addison Rae tweet his new merch

On February 24, 2021, Addison Rae tweeted “but what if I think musty is cool??” The unprompted tweet was swarmed by Musty’s fans recounting the acts of heroism he had performed for them. It also got the attention of Musty and The General NRG.

Almost a year later, Musty posted a video to Twitter announcing his new merch. This new line is titled “A Musty Valentine” and several articles of clothing feature a screenshot of Addison Rae’s tweet on the front.

At the time of reporting, Addison Rae has yet to acknowledge Musty’s merch. It’s hard to say what she’ll think of the use of her tweet.

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In Musty’s merch announcement video, he features various tweets poking fun at his lack of communication skills with women. Many of the replies to his announcement are from stunned fans who can’t believe he was next to women in his video.

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