Rising Creators: Who is BookitWithTrent? Sports better turned surgical streamer

Connor Knudsen
Rising Creators BookitwithTrent
Twitch: BookitwithTrent

Who is BookitWithTrent? The self-proclaimed Fade God, Trent, has turned some hilariously bad beats into an amazing sports betting community on both Twitch and TikTok with his daily surgical streams.

Twitch has its different trends that come and go, whether it be GTA roleplaying, casino games, or even hot tub streams. But, what about sports betting?

Trent Attyah, otherwise known as BookitWithTrent, has made waves on several social media platforms for this, amassing an impressive 262,000 followers on TikTok and 9,300 followers on his usual Twitch streaming destination, bookitsports.

But, how did Trent make betting on sports marketable on these platforms? Funny enough, it actually all started with some incredible misfortune.

Who is BookitWithTrent?

bookitsports: Twitch
Trent’s surgical streams are the best of sports betting, with a community coming together to beat the books.

The so-called Fade God, Trent, got his major start on TikTok and Twitch after missing a series of bets in a row, causing many in the community to “fade” his picks, or bet the opposite.

Trent did a great job of turning this into a hilarious string of content, often reacting live when the bets missed, playing up the drama for the camera.

The video below is just one of many, typically paired with the song, “Night Trouble” for a double-dose of sports betting sadness.

The inception of the surgical stream

However, this quickly turned into much more than just a funny creator with some questionable bets. It turned into a full-on community.

In November, Trent started up what he calls his surgical streams, where he calls on his followers to submit their best picks live on-air. He then takes his favorite picks, sometimes decided by a Twitch poll or two, and makes a final parlay for the day.

The surgical streams have become a daily feature that have been steadily growing in popularity, with repeat callers from the community, like ChellGod, getting reputations of their own for some solid picks.

That’s not all; these streams have been making viewers money since their inception, calling into question Trent’s former identity as the Fade God.

While the profits and the picks are great, what’s more impressive is the community Trent has managed to build from the streams, all rallying around an unlikely unifier of sports gambling.

To be a part of the community yourself, you can tune into Trent’s surgical streams every weekday in the afternoon and follow him on Twitter for most updates.

Whether you’re looking to gamble or just purely looking for some entertaining reactions, BootitWithTrent is a solid one-stop-shop, Fade God or not.