Rick Ross roasts KSI for declining Jake Paul’s free fight offer

Virginia Glaze
Rick Ross roasts KSI for declining Jake Paul free fight offerYouTube: BS w/ Jake Paul

Rapper Rick Ross had some brutal words for YouTube star KSI after he purportedly declined rival influencer Jake Paul’s offer to fight him “for free.”

Jake Paul and KSI’s ongoing rivalry has entered a heated new chapter after the latter’s groundbreaking double-victory at his August 27 comeback event.

After defeating British rapper ‘Swarmz’ and Mexican pro boxer Luis Pineda, KSI is poised to finally meet his longtime rival in the ring — Jake Paul.

The two have been beefing for years and even appeared to strike an agreement to fight in 2023 over Twitter… but Jake Paul says the Brit isn’t interested in some of his terms.

Jake Paul Tyron Woodley earningsAmanda Wescott/SHOWTIME
Jake Paul wants to take on KSI for free – but he says the YouTuber declined the offer.

During a recent podcast episode, Paul claimed that he’d happily take on KSI for free and forgo a potentially massive, multi-million dollar payday.

“For me, this is not about the money,” he said. “For history. For me knocking out this b*ch ass motherf***er who talked all this sh*t. And if the only way he’d fight me is if he made all the money? Imma do it.”

Rick Ross stunned after KSI declines Jake Paul’s offer for free fight

Unfortunately, Jake also says that KSI turned him down when presented with the ‘free fight’ clause — and both Rick Ross and his own brother, Logan Paul, agreed.

Rick Ross was starring as a guest on the podcast and said he wouldn’t allow Jake to take the fight for free before Jake dropped the info that it probably wouldn’t happen, anyway.

“He already passed,” Jake clarified. “He already declined the offer.”

“He declined the free offer?” Ross asked, thoroughly baffled.

“He already declined it ’cause he’s scared!” Jake replied, and started to explain the situation before Ross interrupted with a zinger: “I smell p**y!!”

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It’s clear that Ross isn’t a fan of Jake Paul missing out on a major payout for one of YouTube boxing’s biggest fights — and although he featured on a song with KSI for his rematch against Logan Paul back in the day, it looks like the rapper’s allegiance has decidedly changed.

For now, fans are hopeful they’ll see these two internet powerhouses face off in the boxing ring sometime soon as Jake gears up for his next match this October.