Rich Campbell claims Disguised Toast purposely got Twitch DMCA strike to stay "relevant" - Dexerto

Rich Campbell claims Disguised Toast purposely got Twitch DMCA strike to stay “relevant”

Published: 15/Jan/2022 19:31 Updated: 15/Jan/2022 21:22

by André González Rodríguez


Twitch streamer Rich Campbell claims that Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang purposely got Twitch DMCA struck in order to stay “relevant”.

The Twitch TV show react meta came into the spotlight after Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel started watching full episodes of MasterChef. Streamers like Pokimane, Mizkif, and others joined in too, but Disguised Toast decided to take it to another level.

Toast said he thought his fellow content creators on the platform were “scared” to take risks. So, he decided push the react meta even further, and broadcasted full episodes of Naruto and Death Note which got him banned from the site. This, he said, was actually all part of his plan to scare other streamers from doing the same.


disguised toast
Twitch: Disguised Toast
Disguised Toast is among the many streamers to partake in the Twitch react meta.

Rich Campbell claims Disguised used Twitch DMCA strike to stay “relevant”

After Toast classified Rich Campbell as “some dude [who] streamed Lord of the Rings,” Rich gave his own take on his fellow streamer’s staged ban.

Campbell claimed Toast was streaming full anime episodes because he was losing viewers and he wanted to do something to try and stay relevant.

“Some dude,” he laughed. “I liked him better when he didn’t stream with his stupid ass face, bro. Look, I don’t care about him not knowing my f**king name, I don’t care about him some dudeing me, but is he literally sitting here like he’s some f**king content genius?”


“Bro, are you f**king kidding me?” Rich continued. “‘I can control the narrative’? Bro you were watching f**king anime, you f**king idiot. You were watching anime because you were dramatically losing viewership and you wanted to do something relevant, man.”

Rich Campbell is among the many big-named streamers who’ve also put their hand in the Twitch react meta cookie jar, but only time will tell if, like Disguised Toast, he’ll be subject to a ban as well.