Ricegum weirded out as fans get “mad close” after seeing him streaming IRL

YouTube: RiceGum

Internet sensation Brian ‘RiceGum’ Le had somewhat of a strange encounter with two fans who ‘stream sniped’ him during an IRL stream and were acting a bit strange in the background.

While IRL (in-real-life) streaming can be incredibly entertaining for viewers, it presents plenty of dangers and worries for streamers themselves.

They can easily get caught up in their stream and forget where they’re going, or they might have to deal with someone messing with their stream as they try to get around.

The latter happened to RiceGum during his July 3rd stream as he tried to chat with fans while outside of his usual streaming space, and he didn’t take too kindly to two stream snipers who were bothering him.

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Instagram: RiceGumInstagram: RiceGum
RiceGum made a name for himself on YouTube.

As the Clout House member sat on stream and chatted with viewers, two males appeared behind him, calling out his name and trying to strike up a conversation with him.

The streamer dapped up the two stream snipers, but as one got too close to him and started talking about the Adin Ross beef, he wanted them to move on. “Can you back up? Do ya’ll want a picture? Then get out of my way,” he said. “Alright, well get out of my space bro.”

Rice eventually got the pair to back up and told them that they could chill if they wanted, but they’d gotten too close and were acting “weird” in doing so. “Bro, these squeakers. Bro, come on, stop. Get out of my face bro,” he exclaimed.

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RiceGum eventually asked the two snipers to “dip” and they obliged, but he was frustarted with how they’d been acting.

He didn’t quit his stream, though, and just carried on. It is just another example of how random and annoying IRL streaming can be.