RiceGum responds to KSI using ex-girlfriend Abby Rao in Sidemen video

. 2 years ago
JJ Olatinji, Abby Rao, RiceGum - YouTube

YouTube star Bryan ‘RiceGum’ Le is hitting back at fellow content creator KSI after the British entertainer used Rice’s ex-girlfriend, Abby Rao, in a recent video with the Sidemen.

Ricegum and KSI are no strangers to drama, with Ricegum having insulted KSI’s music during an April 10 episode of the Mom’s Basement podcast, calling his own songs “better” than his rival’s.

While KSI claimed in a later interview that he had no interest in releasing a diss track against Ricegum over his comments, it seems that the tables have since turned, with the star using Rice’s ex-girlfriend in a video with the Sidemen as a way to seemingly get back at him for the insult.

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RiceGum, Instagram
RiceGum took shots at KSI’s music during an episode of the Mom’s Basement podcast, calling his own music “better” than the British social media star’s.

The Sidemen uploaded a video on May 24 that placed the group on a collective “blind date” with various female internet celebrities. Among those casted for the video was Rao, who split with RiceGum in late 2019 and was later the subject of drama due to an alleged contract between them, said to take a percentage of her earnings upon their breakup.

Despite KSI and RiceGum’s ongoing feud, Rao was in good spirits, taking jokes and laughing with the group of UK YouTube stars — a development that RiceGum was quickly made aware of.

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(Rao’s appearance starts at 32:53)

Le commented on the matter in a Tweet that same day, writing, “People saying I’m mad cause KSI used my ex in a video. First off, I dumped her ’cause I don’t want her, so go ahead, and second, everyone in Sidemen’s girlfriend or ex ugly [as f**k], so I can never use them. This is unfair.”

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It seems that KSI’s casting of Rao might not be the only slight against his YouTube rival, with Genius also appearing to confirm the long-awaited RiceGum diss track on his new album, Dissimulation, titled, “Untitled RiceGum Diss (Ft. Rich the Kid).”

Genius has an unlisted diss track against RiceGum on KSI’s latest album, Dissimulation, which has yet to be released.

Although KSI at first appeared to be above RiceGum’s comments, it seems that he has taken the offensive with his latest video and potential diss track. Who knows — Rice could even be KSI’s next boxing opponent, although the British star made sure to clarify that his upcoming bout with Jake Paul would be his last stint in the ring.

UPDATE: RiceGum has since uploaded a YouTube video reacting to KSI’s inclusion of Rao in the Sidemen’s “blind date” project, expressing confusion as to why he seemed to be targeted by the group and throwing further shade toward KSI’s exes.

“On a serious note, when is this gonna stop?” Le asked. “Like, this is just too far now. Why is he coming after me? He’s one of the biggest YouTubers, bro. I don’t know what to do.”

KSI has yet to react to RiceGum’s video at the time of writing.

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