RiceGum brings adult film star on stream to 'rate' Tfue, Ninja, NICKMERCS, and Hamlinz

by Connor Bennett


Popular YouTuber Bryan ‘Fortnite streamers - and she had some harsh words for Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins. 

RiceGum, who made his name through livestream and YouTube shenanigans, is one of the most popular, and controversial, names when it comes to crude content.

Le will regularly have models on his stream and allow them to plug their own social media accounts as long as he gets to ask a few questions first. With RiceGum, things usually do take a turn towards the NSFW.

Ricegum, Instagram
Ricegum, Instagram
Thousands of viewers flock to watch RiceGum come up with hilarious new content.


It was no different during his June 22 stream as he chatted with pornstar Rahyndee James. As he took time out from a game of Fortnite, RiceGum pulled up a couple of photos of some of the games most popular streamers - asking Rahyndee to rate them.

While she didn’t have an answer for ‘rating’ TSM Hamlinz, and instead just kept laughing, the question shifted to Turner 'Tfue' Tenney and things took a bizarre turn from there. “I would have taken his virginity in high school,” she commented. Yet, she didn’t have a similar compliment for Ninja. 

“Is that a real person or a cartoon character?” James asked, after being shown a photo from his Red Bull sponsorship. “I mean, he’s not-not attractive.” The pair rounded things out with a shirtless photo of FaZe member NICKMERCS that may have looked like a photoshop to some viewers. She, again, had glowing but not-safe-for-work compliments for him.

The last time RiceGum invited models on stream, he got an earful from his girlfriend, who apparently wasn't pleased with his shenanigans, but clearly it hasn't stopped him.

He didn't have any other stars for Rahyndee to rate, but perhaps this will now be a running gag for future RiceGum streams, judging by his fans' reactions.