Ricegum hits back at Bryce Hall for taunting him with Abby Rao

. 2 years ago
Abby Rao, Ricegum, Bryce Hall - YouTube

YouTube star Ricegum has finally responded to TikTok celeb Bryce Hall, who called out the YouTuber for a paintball match using Rice’s ex-girlfriend, Abby Rao, as the prize.

In Hall’s video, he taunts rice with Rao, inserting a clip from another video where she names him as her “TikTok crush.”

“Winner gets his ex-girlfriend,” the TikTokker challenged. “…as you can see Ricegum, there’s a lot at stake here. Maybe it’s a joke about your ex-girlfriend being the prize, but I just wanted to put that in, because it’s a funny shot at you. Ricegum, I’m calling you out, buddy.”

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Ricegum has since responded to Hall’s callout, seeming thoroughly confused by his means of using Rao as the prize for their proposed “paintball battle,” seeing as how he’d parted ways with the actress.

“It’s not even a shot,” he fired back, after explaining his stance on the issue with a humorous comparison to a shoe he’d thrown in the bin. “How many times do I have to say this, guys? I broke up with her. I don’t want her!”

Ricegum, Instagram
YouTuber Ricegum parted ways with ex-girlfriend Abby Rao in late 2019, with the two going on to share explosive drama after Rice claimed to have a “contract” enabling him to take a percentage of Rao’s earnings.

That’s not all; Ricegum even claimed to have screenshots from fellow content creator Taylor Caniff that alleged Caniff had previously slept with Hall’s girlfriend — a fact that Rice wasn’t loathe to bring up in his response to the TikTokker.

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“The whole video with Bryce and roasting me, he made it seem like Abby wants him,” he continued. “That he’s taking my girl, and oh, your girl wants me. Listen, that type of stuff doesn’t happen to me. That stuff happens to you, bro. People take your girl.”

Despite his explosive response to Hall’s video, it doesn’t look like the YouTuber will be taking him up on his paintball challenge, claiming that he has to attend to KSI’s video roasting him, instead.

Hall has since reacted to Ricegum’s response, as well, writing in a pointed Tweet, “Can’t wait to respond to this lyin’ a** clown.”

For now, all fans can do is watch and wait to see if further beef erupts between these two social media stars, as it seems Ricegum has bigger fish to fry, first.

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