Ricegum explains why his music is “better” than KSI’s

Virginia Glaze
Ricegum, KSI - YouTube

YouTube star Bryan ‘Ricegum’ Le threw some subtle shade toward fellow content creator KSI, claiming that his own music is superior to the Brit’s star-studded tracks from the past few years.

KSI is more than a YouTuber; he notably delved into the world of professional boxing against Logan Paul, and has even released a slew of songs featuring other major names in the rap world.

With track “Down Like That” seeing a performance from Rick Ross and Lil’ Pump appearing on “Poppin’,” KSI’s work in the music biz is arguably more than a one-time stint — but Ricegum isn’t too impressed with his comrade’s releases.

KSI, Instagram
KSI’s track “Down Like That” saw such names as Rick Ross, Lil Baby, and S-X featured on the song, boosting the YouTuber’s status in the music world in a huge way.

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Le discussed the matter during an episode of the “Mom’s Basement” podcast on April 10, when he was asked by Drama Alert’s KEEMSTAR if he hopes to take his own musical career in a similar direction to KSI’s.

“I don’t want to do what he’s doing,” Ricegum answered. “He’s been trying to take music seriously, you know what I’m saying? I’m just trying to make my own wave… I just feel like if that happens, that happens.”

Ricegum, Instagram
YouTuber Ricegum saw instant success with his latest song, “DaAdult,” which garnered over 1 million views in just 24 hours.

That’s not all; Ricegum even claimed his own music was better than KSI’s, explaining that although he wasn’t “taking shots,” he feels that YouTubers aren’t at the level of top rap stars, just yet.

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“I feel like my songs are better than his,” he explained. “I don’t even want to go that way. I haven’t heard anyone say, ‘Turn on that new KSI!’ No one has said, ‘Turn on that new Rice either,’ but you know — like no one is quite there yet. I’m just being honest. I’m not taking shots.”

“KSI is my guy, but I haven’t bumped the KSI song, I’m just being honest,” he continued. “He’s doing his thing, man. If I could do that, that’s cool, but I’m just gonna see where this music thing takes me. It’s kinda like a transition, so.”

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While Ricegum made it clear he isn’t dissing his friend, he isn’t afraid of hyping up his own music, either, shortly after the release of his viral track “DaAdult,” which scored over 1 million views within 24 hours.