Ricegum explains his beef with “petty” KSI caused by Logan Paul rematch

Daniel Cleary
RiceGum / KSI

Popular YouTuber Bryan ‘RiceGum’ Le has hit out at KSI over his “petty” behavior following his boxing rematch against Logan Paul in November last year.

The rematch between YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul attracted a lot of attention following their first clash, as thousands of fans and some of the top social media influencers were in attendance.

Among those who attended was RiceGum, who claimed that KSI had acted petty towards him after the fight, calling him out during a recent episode of KEEMSTAR’s DramaAlert.

Logan Paul, Instagram
KSI and Logan Paul have clashed twice inside the boxing ring.

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During his interview alongside fellow content creator Leafy, it was revealed that KSI had unfollowed RiceGum on all his socials and that he temporarily removed the popular diss track, Earthquake, that they had created together from YouTube.

RiceGum explained that this new feud began shortly after the boxing match and claimed that KSI had overreacted after he accepted an invitation from Logan Paul to attend the event when the British star did not invite him.

“There’s no beef from my side, I still follow him, he’s so petty for no reason I don’t get it,” he admitted, “It’s stemming from the Logan Paul fight. KSI didn’t send me a free ticket man.”

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“He was only inviting the UK homies so I didn’t want to even bother him, he was busy,” RiceGum continued, “Logan was also busy, I didn’t hit him up either he just sent a package, I didn’t even ask and that was it.”

He claimed that KSI had overreacted after he accepted Logan’s invite and added that he was actually rooting for KSI during the bout. “That led to him unfollowing me and deleting the video, it was so uncool bro, we chilled in LA. I gave him a feature at the time he wasn’t even pulling numbers when my music was really up.”

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He later doubled down on KSI, however, calling him clingy for not allowing him to be friends with Logan as well, “Nah but KSI is petty bro, he’s just possessive and clingy like why can’t I have other friends, he’s like, ‘Oh you can’t be friends with Logan’.”

As of now, KSI has not yet responded publicly to any of RiceGum’s comments.