RiceGum condemns his fans for purportedly harassing female streamer

. 1 year ago
RiceGum asks fans to stop harassing streamer
YouTube: RiceGum / Twitter: @ChristinaDames

YouTube star Bryan ‘RiceGum’ Le asked his fanbase to stop harassing streamer Tina Dames after the broadcaster was banned from TikTok and Instagram due to purported mass reporting.

RiceGum is a popular presence on YouTube; boasting over 10 million subscribers, the YouTuber helped found the famed ‘Clout Gang’ and became well known on the internet for his diss tracks against other internet stars.

However, while Le’s high-flying hijinks and lavish lifestyle have earned him a dedicated following, he has asked his own fan base to stop harassing a fellow content creator after she accused the ‘RiceGumSquad’ of mass reporting her social media accounts.

On June 13, streamer Christina Dames claimed that members of the RGS had hacked a professional baseball player’s Instagram account and replaced his profile picture and name with her own name and photo.

Dames stated that RiceGum’s fans had then mass reported her for impersonation — although, at the time of writing, there doesn’t seem to be any concrete evidence that the RGS is specifically behind the hacking and reporting.

As a result, Dames’ Instagram account was banned… but that wasn’t the only account of hers that got bricked. Dames went on to claim that her TikTok had also been banned, writing, “I don’t know what I did to get harassed this hard.”

Luckily, RiceGum was quick to get in contact with Dames, discussing the incident on a Discord call where he apologized for his fans’ purported actions and begged them to stop harassing her.

“I feel bad, man. It’s not even me, you feel me?” he stated. “Guys, leave this girl alone, bro. Y’all motherf***ers think it’s a joke.”

Dames went on to clarify that she knows the entire RGS is not to blame for the incident, saying that a few bad apples were out for “revenge” for an incident that went down “three months ago” — likely referring to their previous GTA V streams together.

“Imma really try to tell them, bro, they need to stop,” RiceGum continued. “I’m really trying to figure this out, bro. She doesn’t deserve this.”

Bryan isn’t the only influencer to have asked his fans to stop harassing someone; notably, YouTuber MoistCritikal also asked his fans to stop harassing members of a subreddit after he featured it in a video, showing just how much of an effect — intentional or not — that fans of major influencers can have on random strangers.

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