RiceGum blasts YouTube for taking down his TikTok video, but not PewDiePie’s

. 4 years ago

Popular YouTuber Bryan ‘RiceGum’ Le has called out YouTube once again for the deletion of his video, while a similar video created by PewDiePie remains untouched.

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The video in question is a reaction to a compilation of TikTok videos, which RiceGum had apparently tried to upload multiple times, as cited in a group of deleted Tweets compiled by KEEMSTAR in a previous Drama Alert segment.

RiceGum took issue with YouTube’s disparate punishment toward its creators, citing PewDiePie’s own TikTok reaction video that was created after his own, and is still up on the platform.

“I made a TikTok video on October 6, and it gets taken off of YouTube because it’s inappropriate …I don’t even know why,” he explained. “And then PewDiePie – after me – posts his TikTok video. It’s still on YouTube, and it’s just reacting to it.”

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He made sure to clarify that his issue was with YouTube alone, and subsequently brought on celebrity guests FaZe Banks and FaZe Tfue to take part in his TikTok review.

“I can’t just be living in the past,” RiceGum joked. “Time to move on. I can’t let YouTube end my fun on TikTok.”

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RiceGum called out YouTube ahead of the video’s release in early October, claiming that the video was removed for violating the platform’s terms of service. A thread of responses from the Team YouTube Twitter account can be found assessing the situation, which they claimed to be an error on their end.

RiceGum’s comments follow a slew of YouTubers lashing out at the platform as of late, including the likes of KEEMSTAR, Markiplier, and even H3H3.

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