RiceGum & Abby Rao spotted together despite recent major breakup drama

. 2 years ago
Photos of Abby Rao and RiceGum side-by-side.
YouTube: Hollywood Life, FamilyGum

YouTube star Bryan ‘RiceGum’ Le and ex-girlfriend Abby Rao became the center of internet drama amid their highly-publicized split in late 2019 — but it looks like these two influencers may have potentially rekindled their romance.

For those out of the loop, RiceGum — a massive internet personality with over 10.6 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel, alone — and massively popular Instagram model Abby Rao stirred up the internet tea in late 2019, when the two hinted at parting ways via social media.

Rao later admitted in an interview with Hollywood Life that she’d received “heartless” hate from RiceGum’s fans in her comments following their split, with trolls calling her a “gold digger” and claiming she’d only dated Le for “clout points.”

Things got even more heated after RiceGum alleged that Rao had signed a contract with him, which allowed him to claim a certain percentage of her earnings from her work as an influencer while she had been dating him.

RiceGum later moved on and began dating another woman, but these two have since broken it off, as revealed in a YouTube video posted to the FamilyGum channel on September 9 — and it looks like he and Rao might be patching things up, in the meantime.

Rao posted a surprising video to her Instagram Story on September 13, which showed her standing beside RiceGum as the two looked at each other awkwardly.

Although the clip is only a few seconds long, its implication speaks volumes, and fans are already wondering if the two aren’t getting back together in wake of their dramatic breakup last year, which had resulted in a tearful back-and-forth between the ex-couple over social media.

It seems that Le isn’t taking his latest breakup all to well, either, considering his soul-baring YouTube video announcing the issue — and he’s even begged his fans to leave his ex alone as a way to prevent history from repeating itself.

While there’s no telling if Rao and RiceGum are actually getting back together, it certainly feels good to see them back on speaking terms, at least — even if just for a few seconds.

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