MrBeast responds to ReviewBrah’s honest verdict on new Dream burger

ReviewBrah Mr BeastYouTube: TheReportOfTheWeek

YouTube food reviewer TheReportOfTheWeek has given his verdict on MrBeast’s brand new Dream Burger that’s recently launched in 600 locations across the United States. And MrBeast himself was happy with the outcome.

Over the past few years, MrBeast has become one of the most recognizable faces on the YouTube platform. His unbelievably expensive and outlandish stunts have helped him build an audience of over 60 million subscribers and counting.

However, despite having one of the most popular channels on YouTube, his talents are not just limited to video making. The online influencer decided to launch his very own fast-food chain back in December of 2020, called ‘MrBeast Burger’.

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Since opening, the food chain has received overwhelmingly positive reviews and as of April 26, a brand new burger has been added to the menu in collaboration with Minecraft content creator Dream.

Now, YouTube food reviewer ReviewBrah has given his honest opinion on the ‘Dream Burger’ and explained how the new menu item could be improved.

ReviewBrah Mr Beast BurgerYouTube: TheReportOfTheWeek
TheReportOfTheWeek has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube.

ReviewBrah rates ‘Dream Burger’ out of ten

The first aspect of the burger that ReviewBrah appreciated was the size of the food item. He pointed out how a lot of burgers that are advertised by fast-food chains look large in the branding but are often disappointingly small.

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This is certainly not the case for the ‘Dream Burger’ which ReviewBrah praised for being well worth its $6.99 price tag.

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“It looks big in the pictures and it most certainly is, so the advertisements aren’t misleading, it’s a big burger… sometimes I feel like you’re getting, you know, inadequate portions for the price you pay.”

In terms of the taste, he complimented the burger patties and added that the smashed avocados were a great touch. His only critiques were incredibly minor, voicing that he believes the lettuce was a bit stringy and that the mayonnaise was unnecessary.

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Overall, the YouTuber gave the ‘Dream Burger’ an 8 out of 10 and encouraged his viewers to try out the food item if they wanted to support the creators.

MrBeast responds to reviewbrahMrBeast left a happy comment on ReviewBrah’s Dream burger video.

MrBeast was chuffed with this result, and with the ReviewBrah seal of approval, encouraged everyone to give it a try.

The ‘Dream Burger’ scored one point higher than the original MrBeast burger that only received a 7 out of 10 from ReviewBrah.

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