Recovering heroin addict reveals Twitch may have saved his life

by Matt Porter


An IRL Twitch streamer named JoshNicely has revealed that streaming on the popular broadcasting site may have saved his life on a number of occasions.


The streamer regularly broadcasts in the Just Chatting section of Twitch, answering questions and discussing his life to members of the Twitch community who tune into his streams.  

The streamer is currently undergoing treatment for an addiction to heroin, and openly delves into his issues and the treatment he is currently going through to help him. It was during his Thursday, March 7 stream that JoshNicely revealed how Twitch has helped improve his life.

JoshNicely regularly broadcasts in the Just Streaming section of Twitch.


When giving his viewers an update on the treatment that he is currently undertaking in an attempt to battle his addiction, JoshNicely was asked by a viewer in his chat: “Do you think streaming on Twitch has helped you?”

“Yes, I do think streaming on Twitch has helped me,” said Josh. “The community here is literally better than the people I know in real life."

“So yes, I do think streaming has saved my life. I don’t know about saved my life. Maybe. A couple times it’s maybe saved my life, but it has actually made my life a lot better. For sure, absolutely for sure.”


JoshNicely revealed that he is undergoing treatment for his addiction, and has been attending daily appointments at a Methadone Clinic.

The streamer is currently seven days clean, and is hopeful that this will continue with the help of his Twitch community.