Rapper Blueface fights fan after beating TikToker Kane Trujillo - Dexerto

Rapper Blueface fights fan after beating TikToker Kane Trujillo

Published: 24/Jul/2021 18:40

by Georgina Smith


Rapper Blueface ended up in a brawl with a fan who climbed into the ring at BKFC 19 after beating TikToker Kane Trujillo in their fight.

The influencer boxing industry has been thriving over the past few months, with Jake Paul making waves in the sporting world, and the YouTubers vs TikTokers event drawing a huge amount of attention (both for the fight itself and the controversy surrounding it).

With creators like Austin McBroom keen to set up even more events that allow amateur influencer boxers to step into the ring and fight each other, it seems as though plenty of celebrities and artists will have the chance to take part in the craze.


The latest to try their hands at the sport were rapper Blueface and TikToker Kane Trujillo, who have just over 10 million followers on TikTok between them.

The pair appeared as part of the undercard for Paige VanZant and Rachael Ostovich’s fight at BKFC 19, and it was Blueface who ended up taking home the victory.

However, the drama didn’t stop once the fight was over. Shortly after, an intruder made their way into the ring, much to the surprise of viewers.

They were filmed speaking to Blueface before a brawl broke out, with security flooding into the ring to stop the conflict.


The video of the incident ended up getting quite a bit of traction on Twitter, with viewers baffled by the unexpected end to the round, though it’s still not clear what the crowd member wanted or why the fight broke out.

With the sharp rise in popularity related to influencer boxing events, it seems as though more and more artists and social media stars are looking to take part in these kinds of fights.