Random streamers become one of the biggest Twitch channels overnight

. 2 years ago

A strange Twitch account has rocketed up the followers standings after gaining nearly 5 million followers in one evening – with a few notable names following the channel in question.

Building up a following and community on Twitch can be a tough task. You’ve got to put in the hours, hope you get noticed, and then keep the attention of anyone that does hop on board the bandwagon.

Some channels take shortcuts obviously – be it because they’ve got a major following elsewhere or they’re using underhanded tactics like botting.

In the past, we’ve seen gambling channels get banned soon after racking up a few hundred thousand followers through botting. However, one channel has managed to claim almost 5,000,000 followers in strange circumstances. 

Two girls sat on stream talking to a camera
Screenshot via Twitch
The channel revolves around two girls who stream regularly.

The channel in question, aileybeanssa, was set up back in 2018. so it’s not like the casino channels that are set up hours before gaining the followers.  

They have streamed pretty consistently too, gaining a few thousand followers before the explosion but on September 19, the channel jumped from 5,000 followers to 22,000 according to TwitchMetrics

A day later, that number exploded to 4.63 million and risen to 4.64 million in the days following. The two girls behind the channel confirmed that they were botted and have tried to get in contact with Twitch. Though, it appears as if that has fallen on deaf ears. 

The explosion in followers also puts them in the Top 10 most followed Twitch channels. Though, they aren’t alone in the incredible surge. 

Another channel, forestofwires, went from 2,000 followers to 2.4 million only a few days after aileybeanssa.

It’s unknown why the two channels have been botted – because a troll is looking to get them banned for some reason or another – but we’ll just have to wait to see what action Twitch takes.

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