Ranboo goes viral on Twitter as star streamer comes out on social media


Minecraft streamer ‘Ranboo’ has gone viral on Twitter after finally shedding light on his sexuality. Oft-discussed but never confirmed, he sent Twitter into a flurry of love and support with just four characters.

Keeping his face hidden, and asking for his fans help in maintaining his privacy, Ranboo is a secretive giant in the Minecraft community.

With a long-term dedication to maintaining a distance from his private life, the streamer has, up to this point, requested that fans refer to him as ‘unlabeled’ when discussing his sexuality.

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In the most understated way possible, the streamer took to Twitter and posted “/srs” to his 2.8 million followers.

The simple tweet was Ranboo confirming a wild world of buzz that had been generating surrounding his sexuality. Not shy of giving hints, the streamer has long been posting leading items to his fans.

The streamer has previously posted joking images titled “With the bf” and the single word tweet “men“. Leaving little to guess about.

He’s even taken to Twitter threads before and stated “How many more clues can I give“.

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Taking to his alt ‘Ranbalt’ the streamer confirmed the meaning behind /srs, saying he is “okay with the gay label.”

Fellow streamer Jacksepticeye was found in the comments with support straight away “It is a good day and all shall smile upon you and say ‘let’s go!’ Proud of you bud.”

This was a common recurring theme with YouTubers, streamers and fans from across the world throwing their support and pride behind Ranboo’s announcement.

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Minecraft UK heavyweight Tommyinnit summed up the thoughts of many by saying “literal king sh*t my big Gay friend”.