Rainn Wilson channels Dwight Schrute in hilarious Pogchamps chess roast after final loss

Rainn Wilson pogchamps 3 chess tournamentChess.com/Twitch/Unsplash

Rainn Wilson made it all the way to the final of the Pochamps 3 chess tournament, channeling his iconic Office character Dwight Schrute after losing and coming in second place.

While Rainn Wilson has a pretty storied acting career, the role of Dwight in The Office is perhaps the one he’s most well-known for.

The geeky, somewhat clueless assistant (to the) regional manager provided non-stop comedy for fans, and Wilson gave him another run-out after his loss to French League of Legends star Andréas ‘Sardoche’ Honnet.

The moment was the exact kind of entertainment fans of the show would love to see, and encapsulates exactly what’s so great about these amateur Pogchamps chess tournaments.

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The Office US cast reunitedTwitter: AngelaKinsey
Wilson (bottom left) was one of the main characters in the US version of The Office.

In the post-match interviews with Daniel Rensch and Hikaru Nakamura, Wilson was looking positively Dwight-ish, disappointed with the result, and let his inner Schrute come out.

After being asked his thoughts on the matches and how the experience was, Rainn took a couple of moments to think about how he felt… Then he let them know.

“This event sucked,” Wilson said, deadpan. He continued, “Chess sucks… France sucks…” before finally cracking a laugh, evidently pleased with his mini-performance and the giggles he got from everyone else.

Timestamp 3:28:13

The actor, who has also starred in the likes of Juno and My Super Ex-Girlfriend, did break character to express his gratitude for the tournament and to tell a little more about his chess background.

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He called himself a “not very good” member of his high school chess team, adding that it was fun to dive back into the ancient board game and he was thrilled to be a part of it all.

As it was all for charity, Wilson seemed very happy to be bringing some money in, and hopefully, this won’t be the last time we see him (or Dwight) play in one of these tournaments.