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Rainbow 6 Siege caster slams sexist teammate after being griefed in-game

Published: 27/Aug/2020 23:31 Updated: 27/Aug/2020 23:59

by Virginia Glaze


UK-based Rainbow 6 Siege caster ‘Geo’ uploaded a clip to Twitter on August 27 that showed her being griefed by a young, male teammate in-game — and she’s far from the only woman in the space who’s dealing with such behavior.

23-year-old Geo is a well-known personality in the esports scene, hailed for her professional commentary over competitive matches of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Siege, a 2015 FPS title that features an substantial current playerbase.

Despite her standing the game’s community, Geo is often the target of harassment during games, as shown by the clip she posted to social media that has fans seething in sympathy for the caster.

Geo greets her YouTube subscribers.
YouTube: Geo
Geo greets her 3.8k YouTube subscribers – just another platform where the Rainbow 6 commentator has found success in her career as an esports caster.

In the clip, a young, male player can be heard asking Geo, “Should I TK (team kill) you, or are you gonna do my dishes?”

“That’s a funny one,” Geo shot back. “Never heard that before.”

The harassment wasn’t just with words; after taunting, the teammate took out Geo’s character, causing the caster to throw her hands up in the air in frustration. “Team kill for being a woman!” she exclaimed.

That wasn’t the only harassment she received during the session, either, with another player continuously repeating her name over their mic as she attempted to play.

“He thinks he’s really funny, as well, you can tell in his voice,” she said of his antics.

Despite the disparity of the situation, Geo claims that she doesn’t find the sexism offensive; instead, she finds it “exhausting.”

“It doesn’t really matter who it is,” she wrote of the incident. “To have someone in your ear constantly going on and on about how s*** you are, how much you’re a ‘dumb **** or a ‘stupid b***’ if you die etc, grinds you down. And I won’t mute, because that eradicates accountability. S*** games today, man.”

Of course, Geo isn’t the only woman to have been harassed during online games, by far; Dexerto have covered multiple instances of such infractions at the expense of female players, as seen in the case of competitive Overwatch player and Twitch streamer Chassidy ‘Cupcake’ Kaye, who exposed egregious sexist abuse during a session in July 2019.

Geo’s case is the latest in a string of bad behavior that further fuels a need for change in competitive gaming spaces.


Myth justifies surprising decision to unfollow everyone on social media

Published: 3/Dec/2020 7:58

by Brad Norton


Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani is taking a new approach on social media, as the popular TSM content creator has revealed why he felt it was time to “experiment” by unfollowing everyone on all of his accounts.

Myth is one of the most popular content creators on the internet. The 21-year-old boasts over seven million followers on both Twitch and Instagram, with another four million subscribers on YouTube as well. He’s grown a massive community with his energetic vibes and impressive gameplay, but Myth just made a drastic change.

Across all social media accounts, the content creator has now wiped the slate clean. He no longer follows any streamer pals, no business contacts, or anyone in between. Myth follows a grand total of zero accounts across all of his platforms.

Why make such a sudden change? Myth explained it all in a series of tweets on December 2. In a difficult year as it is, he felt it was the right time to “experiment with having zero people followed across [his] social media sites.”

One of the main factors behind this decision was to stop himself from “comparing” to others. It can be easy to see idyllic Instagram posts, for instance, and feel a little down in the dumps by comparison. Everyone can empathize with that experience these days. So in order to block it out, his social media is now wiped clean.

The current global crisis certainly didn’t help either. “I’ve had some of the loneliest moments of my life,” he explained. “Social media doesn’t make that feeling any better, at least with the way I currently use it. It just ends up making me feel like other people got it better”

Obviously, most social media personalities are often sharing the highlights in their lives. Rarely do we see our favorite content creators truly breaking down that barrier and sharing everything. Most of the time, we only see what they want us to see. Myth is well aware of this and understands “that’s not the full reality of things.”

Despite this, it’s still a “really draining mindset to have,” he explained. “I wanna eradicate it.” In light of his transparency, countless others reached out to commend his decision. 

“You’re an amazing streamer,” Dakotaz followed up. “Do whatever you gotta do.”

While Myth has unfollowed everyone, he wanted to stress that he’ll still be active and interacting with his fanbase. “I can still see and appreciate comments and messages,” he added.

Don’t expect Myth to keep his accounts this clean forever though. It may be a solid reprieve during this chaotic year, but even he joked that in “six months [he’ll] definitely be back” to his usual ways.