Racist stream sniper gets called out after yelling slur at TwitchCon Europe

Virginia Glaze
Pokimane, Constera - Twitch

TwitchCon Europe is off to a rocky start, with popular streamers getting shut down for broadcasting in prohibited areas – but one incident is making waves for a completely different reason.

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Twitch streamer ‘Constera’ was performing an IRL broadcast of the convention when an attendee walked past him, yelling a racial slur into the camera in an apparent attempt to get him banned from the platform.

The con-goer’s slur provoked an incredulous reaction from Constera and his friend, ‘OGBanra,’ who asked if the two could go “roast” her in retaliation.

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Stream sniper learns the consequences of racism

Constera appeared to be against the idea, claiming that he didn’t want to give the stream sniper the attention she likely craved.

Constera’s caution didn’t stop Banra from approaching the sniper later on, giving her a sound scolding in the German language while a security officer stood in attendance.

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The sniper went on to apologize for saying the slur, claiming that her reason for shouting the epithet was due to her being “way too hyped” for the convention.

“Okay I’m honestly, from the bottom of my heart, I’m sorry I was way too hyped, I didn’t think,” she apologized. “I’m just really, really sorry.”

The sniper in question also appeared on Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys’s broadcast of the event for a meet-and-greet session, although no such drama went down on her stream.

Drama at TwitchCon Europe

TwitchCon EU has been rife with drama, with multiple top streamers being forbidden from streaming in the middle of live broadcasts and even kicked out of the venue.

Popular streamer and bodybuilder ‘Knut’ was removed from the premises, after a fellow streamer allegedly took over his stream to broadcast in the partner lounge – reportedly resulting in a streaming ban on the entire floor.

Another top streamer, Steven ‘Destiny’ Bonnell, was asked to shut off his broadcast while streaming in the partner lounge, while Pokimane was likewise asked to shut her stream down while merely walking in a hallway just outside the lounge.

That’s not all; con-goers are also targeting TwitchCon EU for their strict policy on outside food and beverage, noting the high cost of water in the venue – which even requires a 1€ deposit on a refillable, plastic cup.