QTCinderella says friendship with Atrioc is “irreparable” after deepfake controversy

QTCindrella looking into the cameraYouTube: QTCinderella

QTCinderella has revealed that her friendship with Atrioc is “irreparable” after he accidentally leaked deepfake pictures of her on his stream recently.

On January 30, Atrioc issued a tearful apology after he was caught paying for deepfakes of female streamers, including the likes of Pokimane and QTCinderella.

Some of the affected female creators began speaking up about it on Twitter, including QTCinderella, who alongside boyfriend and YouTube star Ludwig have been friends with Atrioc for a while.

However, QTCinderella has now revealed the status of their friendship during a recent episode of the Fear& podcast with Hasan, WillNeff, and Mike Majlak.

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QTCinderella shares Atrioc friendship status

During the episode, QTCindella brought up the topic while the group ate their dinner together. Originally intended to be exclusive to the Fear& Patreon, Hasan and Will didn’t want to ignore important topics in the public upload.

“I am a woman a part of it and I am more than happy to talk about it, and it sucks. The issue was that Atrioc was a best friend of ours,” QT said.

WillNeff mentioned that she put her comment in the past tense, so the Twitch streamer elaborated.

“I did. I put that in the past tense because the damage is irreparable,” QT added.

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(Topic starts at 1:12:16 in the video)

Atrioc has stepped away from the internet as well as his duties within OFFBRAND, Ludwig’s creative agency which he helped co-found.

Shortly after the Atrioc controversy went viral, Ludwig uploaded a video addressing the controversy and mentioned that he hopes the creator takes the steps to make it better.

In the meantime, QTCinderella is about to go full speed ahead with organizing the second annual Steamer Awards coming this March.