QTCinderella reveals terrifying encounter with sex traffickers disguised as the IRS

Virginia Glaze
QTCinderella details scary attempted kidnapping
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Twitch star ‘QTCinderella’ revealed that she was nearly a victim of a sex trafficing scam, recounting the horrifying ordeal to scam specialist ‘Kitboga’ during a joint stream.

Scams abound in the modern age. Just about everyone has received a ‘scam likely’ call on their phone at some point, or even text messages from fishy numbers saying your bank accounts have been compromised.

However, some scams are far more sinister — like the terrifyingly realistic sex trafficking scam that nearly lured streamer QTCinderella into an abhorrent situation.

QT sat down with the internet’s resident anti-scam expert Kitboga for a live broadcast where she recounted her own experience with scammers, leaving viewers with a chill down their spines.

According to QT, she’d received a phone call at her workplace from someone pretending to be with the IRS. They claimed that she owed an exorbitant amount in back taxes and said she was going to be arrested.

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QTCinderella is a popular Twitch streamer known for organizing such events as The Streamer Awards.

To sell their story, the scammer revealed they had accurate information on her entire family and were even tracking her cell phone. They instructed her to drive to the local federal courthouse and gave her step-by-step instructions on how to get there during her drive, asking her not to hang up the phone.

Luckily, the location for their particular venture ended up being their downfall. Right as she went to park, the call dropped, so she pulled into the closest parking lot.

QT arrived at the courthouse a crying mess and told bailiffs that she was supposedly being arrested. Security swept the building and got the streamer to a safe location, revealing that she was nearly the victim of sex trafficking.

The scammers apparently lured women into the parking garage of the courthouse to snatch them from their vehicles and sell into human trafficking rings. If the call hadn’t dropped when it did, she might’ve been another victim of the scam — but luckily, she’s alive and well, and using her experience to serve as a warning to other women.

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“A lot of the scams are trying to get you to act quickly and not think,” Kitboga explained. “If you stopped and thought about it for a few minutes… now, in hindsight, it’s like, ‘Wait a second, why would they do this?'”

QT’s story comes on the heels of other terrifying incidents experienced by other female streamers — like the time SweetAnita was chased by her stalker with a knife.