QTCinderella reveals how much Sh*tcamp Twitch event cost to setup

. 9 months ago
QTCinderella Twitch event
Twitch: QTCinderella

After the overwhelming success of the Sh*tcamp 2021 Twitch event, QTCinderella revealed exactly how much the whole meetup cost to run and setup.

Back in early September, QTCinderella announced that she’d be running a collaborative event called Sh*tcamp, involving some of the biggest streamers on the Twitch platform.

These included xQc, Nmplol, Ludwig, Jschlatt, Myth, Sodapoppin, and more, pitting them against each other in a set of entertaining challenges.

From a PJ Party to a huge Kickball tournament, Sh*tcamp was incredibly popular among Twitch viewers and left everyone wanting more by the time the event came to an end on September 30.

However, despite Sh*tcamp’s success, QTCinderella revealed how much it all costs to put together, and it’s fair to say they went slightly over budget.

QTCinderella Sh*tcamp event

How much did Sh*tcamp Twitch 2021 cost to setup?

While there’s no denying how amazing Sh*tcamp was for Twitch viewers, putting on such a huge event didn’t come without a cost.

During her October 4 stream, QTCinderella sat down and explained how their plan to spend $20k in total quickly went out of the window.

Not including the Kickball tournament, she revealed the entire Sh*tcamp Twitch event cost over $60k to setup, tripling what they initially wanted to spend.

“All in all, the entire thing cost about, without Kickball it cost about $60k,” she said. “My goal was for it to cost $20k, but so much stuff got added”.

Although Sh*tcamp definitely cost more than expected, QTCinderella seemed in high spirits about the event and revealed that it was never her goal to make money.

With the event’s merch selling so well, a lot of the costs have been covered by the sales, but it does show just how expensive it is to host a collaborative meet-up.

xQc has already begun drafting ideas for next year’s Sh*tcamp event, so Twitch viewers can likely look forward to seeing their favorite streamers face another set of challenges in 2022.

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