QTCinderella has wholesome reaction to meeting xQc for the first time

QTCinderella with xQcTwitch, QTCinderella/Twitter, xQcOW

QTCinderella went live to talk about how she organized Sh*tcamp, and the creator had a wholesome reaction when she described meeting Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel for the first time.

Having organized a meet-up between a large group of influencers called ‘Sh*tcamp,’ QTCinderella had a lot to do during the event. Since it ended on September 30, the creator has officially been able to head home and fire up a stream to talk about her experience being the organizer.

The gathering didn’t go without its own interesting moments before it ended, with Sodapoppin eating an unpeeled banana and UFC star Nate Diaz making an unannounced cameo.

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During an October 3 stream, TSM QTCinderella had a wholesome reaction as she described her first interaction with xQc.

QTCinderella Sh*tcamp eventTwitch: QTCinderella
Sh*tcamp members from left to right: nmplol, Malena, QTCinderella, Ludwig, WillNeff, Hasan, Adept, xQc, Kaceytron, and Sodapoppin

QTCinderella meets xQc for the first time

While talking about Sh*tcamp, QT explained that she hadn’t spent time with the Juicer before the event and had nothing but praise for him: “I didn’t know he was so funny.”

Surprised that he was so helpful during the stream, the TSM member explained that he was fantastic at helping out in other creator’s streams just as much as his own.

“What a sweet, sweet person. Everything I did, he thanked me for it,” she said, telling chat that he even complimented her on organizing the event before they left.

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QTCinderella isn’t the first person to compliment the former Overwatch pro. Mizkif went on record last year stating that the Canadian creator deserves his success based on his work ethic and dedication to his platform.

It’s no secret that xQc had fun during Sh*tcamp as he’s gone on record stating he’s considering a move to LA, he wants to collab with his new friends, and even threw around the idea of a “Survivor” style stream with the group.

Whether or not anything will happen in the future remains to be seen.