QTCinderella fires back at “scary man” approaching her in public with perfect response

qtcinderella-twitchTwitch: QTCinderella

Popular streamer QTCinderella has shared with fans the brilliant response she had for a “scary man” who approached her in public. After she walked away victorious, her fiery words were enough to leave the stranger standing there in stunned silence.

QTCinderella is one of the most prominent names on Twitch, streaming to thousands of fans and creating a wide variety of content, such as the Streamer Awards that she organized to celebrate the best of her peers.

She was left floundered, though, when she was approached by a stranger in public with a rather crude request.

Yet, with one fiery response, she left the “scary man” lost for words while she walked away triumphant, and her fans couldn’t get enough of it.

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QTCinderella with flowers Instagram postInstagram: QTCinderella
QTCinderella fans praised the streamer after she fired back with the perfect response against a creepy stranger in the street.

QTCinderella shares great response to “strange man”

In a tweet posted on May 3, QTCinderella shared with fans how she had the perfect response to a man who approached her on the street.

According to QTCinderella, the man came up to her and asked “Where you goin’ baby?” Yet, she quickly fired back: “I’m on my way to f*ck your dad.”

As fans questioned how the stranger reacted to the comment, QTCinderella said he just “stood there in shock while [she] walked away.”

The tweet went down brilliantly among QT’s fans who praised her for standing up to the stranger who called her a “girl boss” for her terrific clap back.

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One fan thanked QTCinderella providing her with a great response for her to use when she is also “catcalled” in public.

This isn’t the first time that QTCinderella has had to stand up to inappropriate comments by strangers. Back in April 2022, she and her fellow female streamers teamed up together and called on Reddit to do more to tackle trolls who were posting “gross” edits of their images on the website.