QTCinderella exposes thirsty streamers for sliding in Ludwig’s DMs

QTCinderella exposes thirsty streamers sliding in Ludwig's DmsYouTube: 100 Thieves Cast, Ludwig

Popular Twitch streamer QTCinderella called out other female broadcasters for sliding in her boyfriend’s DMs after she and Ludwig started dating.

QTCinderella and Ludwig are arguably one of the most prominent streaming power couples out there at the moment.

Both are popular broadcasters in their own right; QT has become widely hailed for her eye-catching IRL events, where she gathers together some of the biggest streamers for fun-filled activities like Shitcamp and even The Streamer Awards.

Ludwig is also creating his own events, with his recent 50-hour Subathon and upcoming Chessboxing tournament drawing tens of thousands of eyes across the internet.

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Ludwig and QTCinderellaInstagram: ludwigahgren
QTCinderella and Ludwig are one the internet’s most prominent streaming power couples.

Ludwig and QT have been dating since Summer 2020, with Ludwig addressing the rumors about them in a pointed and concise Tweet.

Despite making things clear, it looks like QT still has to deal with some competition, with the streamer claiming that other women in the streaming space continue to slide in her man’s DMs despite his ‘taken’ status.

QTCinderella blasts female streamers for sliding in Ludwig’s DMs

She opened up about the issue during a podcast with 100 Thieves’ BrookeAB, saying that although she hasn’t experienced many guys trying to slide in her DMs since dating Ludwig, other women are still shooting their shot with her boyfriend.

“I’ve been doing this for years, and ever since I started dating Ludwig, silence. No one has tried. However, there are a lot of female streamers that have tried sliding in on Ludwig,” she explained.

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“It’s this weird, interesting thing where I feel like guys have this guy code where they’re like, ‘Ah. She is his now. I will not slide on her. I respect other men.’ Compared to women, since we’ve been pitted against each other for so long, are like, ‘Okay, so I can beat her,'” she continued, pantomiming texting on a phone. “‘I’m way hotter than your girlfriend. Hi!'”

(Topic starts at 18:20)

Although QT likely doesn’t have to worry about any of the other women shooting their shot with her man, she might have to worry about YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, who recently peeped Ludwig’s new tattoo he got of the Twitch logo despite being a partnered YouTube streamer.

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