QTCinderella explains why her personal assistant needs to wash her dishes

QTCinderella explains why she needs personal assistant to wash her dishesYouTube: QTCinderella

Twitch streamer QTCinderella has responded to backlash after creating a job listing for a personal assistant with a requirement that the employee washes her dishes.

QTCinderella is one of the most prominent content creators on Twitch. Best known for creating live events like the Streamer Awards, QT, who used to be a professional cake artist, also has a penchant for baking and decorating cakes.

QT goes live with baking streams on the weekends, some of which she’ll organize with other broadcasters like Valkyrae for a double cake-baking bonanza. However, her skills in the kitchen have led to some outrage online.

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On March 15, QT posted a job listing on Twitter for a personal assistant. In the listing, QT says her future PA must be based in Los Angeles and not be interested in making their own content.

On top of that, she said the applicant mustn’t “hate doing dishes,” citing her baking streams as a reason for this requirement.

Some netizens took issue with QT’s dish-washing specification, saying the issue could be easily fixed with a dishwasher (or simply saying that she could clean up after herself).

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“There is one thing on the list that can be fixed with a dishwasher,” one user replied. “Seems weird for that to be a personal assistant duty, but I guess it’s an LA thing.”

“So, you are looking for a personal slave?” another asked.

“Lost me at the dishes, damn,” another said.

QTCinderella hits back at outrage over Personal Assistant job listing

QT explained that the job would be salaried and full-time, but went on to further explain her situation in a March 20 episode of the Fear& podcast with Hasan and AustinShow.

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“I don’t want an assistant who makes their own content,” she began. “The whole idea being a privacy thing. Even if this person went home and streamed League of Legends, they could say, ‘Oh, I was over at QT’s house today, and her and Ludwig are in a fight.’ You know?”

“I do baking streams on the weekend,” she continued. “I used to be a professional cake artist. As my job is to push the go live button, so my PA, their job is to keep me on camera for as long as I can. So, if I’m exhausted, and I think, ‘Oh, I have two hours worth of dishes,’ I’m gonna end early so I can do those dishes. …so it’s better for the PA to do the dishes for baking streams, specifically.”

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“I’m being upfront with the worst part,” QT added. “Like, I think the worst part of this job is washing dishes.”

This is the second time QT has addressed some backlash from her viewers on stream, also recently apologizing for taking her feud with former BFF JustaMinx public after drama went down at the Streamer Awards’ afterparty.

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