QTCinderalla claps back at Dr Disrespect after he mocks her Streamer Awards show

QTCinderella and Dr Disrespect side-by-side on cameraQTCinderella/Dr Disrespect

Twitch streamer QTCinderella took a few pointed shots at Dr Disrespect after he labeled the Streamer Awards as a “fake awards show” and got into it with some winners. 

Over the last few years, streamers and content creators have been getting increased recognition for their work from awards shows like The Game Awards and The Esports Awards.

While there isn’t an official Twitch Awards show, streaming star QTCinderella launched her own in the form of the Streamer Awards, giving fans a few weeks to vote on different categories. It all culminated in a live show on March 12, with the likes of Ludwig, Shroud, Pokimane, and CodeMiko being recognized for their work.

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In the weeks following the show, there has been some fallout, with Sykkuno feeling slighted that the Amigops weren’t recognized for the Among Us category, and now Dr Disrespect taking a few jabs at it.

the streamer awards logoThe Streamer Awards
The Streamer Awards had its fair share of both love and skepticism.

As the internet watched the 94th Oscars unfold, the Doc labeled the Streamer Awards as a “fake awards show” designed just to give friends “credit” and didn’t hold any weight.

Streamer of the Year winner Ludwig quickly clapped back at the Two-Time with a roast about his recent work on NFTs, but it was QTCinderella’s response that caught the eye of many.

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“Just ask for an invite instead of being a dick,” the Twitch streamer said shortly after Doc’s jibe went out onto the timeline. “I’ll make sure to save a seat for you and you 2+ ones next year.”

As the tweet racked up over 3,000 likes, many of the responses were left in disbelief by QT’s savage shot at the Two-Time, with many fans falling about themselves laughing.

While others stated that it was just the Doc being his usual self and trolling, it’s tough to go after someone’s hard work and not expect a pretty brutal clap back.

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