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Entertainment • Jan 22, 2019

Provocative streamer angered by people who hate her being on Twitch

Provocative streamer angered by people who hate her being on Twitch

Popular Twitch streamer Pink_Sparkles has hit out at users of the site who join her chat and state that she doesn’t belong on the streaming platform.


The streamer was conducting a Q&A session on her channel when a question came up asking her what she finds difficult about being a recognizable figure on the platform.

Pink_Sparkles admitted that she probably shouldn’t tell her chat the answer, but decided to disregard her fears and broke into an impassioned rant about people who disparage her and her position on Twitch.

Pink_Sparkles is a popular variety streamer on Twitch.


“One thing that kind of triggers me is when people say I don’t belong on Twitch, or this isn’t what Twitch is supposed to be,” the streamer told her audience. “This isn’t what belongs on Twitch, Twitch is a gaming website only.

“Like you decide who belongs on Twitch, like you’re the master creators or some shit. People are so damn obsessive. If you don’t fucking like it, get the fuck off the website and go watch My Little Pony or some shit. Like seriously, nobody gives a shit about your opinion.”


Pink_Sparkles is a variety streamer on Twitch, often switching games and has become well known for wearing what some believe to be provocative outfits on the streaming platform.

Her partner, fellow streamer Asmongold, appears to find the funny side of Pink_Sparkles’ fashion choices, recently playing a prank on the streamer with a hilarious cleavage gag.

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