Pro football team blasted for “scouting” players from Sidemen Charity Match

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Professional soccer club Crawley Town FC drew criticism from fans for planning to scout players from the Sidemen Charity Match.

The Sidemen are hosting their first charity soccer match since 2020, due to the global health situation. Their annual charity event began in 2016.

2022’s iteration pits the Sidemen Crew up against the YouTube Allstars Saturday, September 24, at the Valley Stadium in London. KSI highlights Sidemen FC flanked alongside Miniminter, Zerka, Vikkstar123, and other familiar names.

Logan Paul, AnEsonGib, Noah Beck, and Chunkz are eye-catching names on the YouTube Allstars. Charlton FC’s stadium holds over 27,000 fans, and it will be a full house for the Sidemen Charity match.

League One team Crawley FC announced the club is sending scouts to the Sidemen FC Charity Match to recruit players for an upcoming FA Cup match, and fans slammed the decision.

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The Sidemen started their annual Charity Match in 2016.

Crawley Town FC fans blast decision to scout Sidemen Charity Match

Crawley Town FC shared a press release detailing their intention to scout players to join the first team in training and sit in the dugout for the team’s upcoming FA Cup fixture on November 5.

Co-Chairman of Crawley Town Football Club, Preston Johnson, said, “It’s no secret that we want Crawley Town FC to become ‘The Internet’s Team.’ “

“We know this is an unconventional idea, to say the least,” Johnson said. “But we’ve never been shy about doing things differently, and we’re excited about partnering with The Sidemen and the opportunity to scout their charity match.”

Crawley admitted any recruited player would unlikely actually enter the FA Cup match, but the decision still shocked fans.

One fan responded, “please tell me this is a joke. What’s happening to this club.”

A second fan added We’ve become an absolute joke of a club.”

Crawley Town will probably not find a diamond in the rough at the Sidemen Charity Match, but keep an eye on TikTok star Noah Beck.