Pro Boxer Chris Eubank JR Reveals How Long KSI Needs to Abstain from Sex Ahead of the Logan Paul Fight

by Mike Kent


The biggest white collar boxing match in YouTube history is primed to go down on August 25th when KSI takes on Logan Paul.

The pair of popular YouTubers have a combined total of almost 36 million subscribers on the video sharing platform and they’ll put their pride on the line when they enter the boxing ring in late summer 2018.


KSI defeated Joe Weller in February 2018 at the Copper Box Arena in London, and during his post-fight speech he called out brothers Jake and Logan Paul.

The two controversial American personalities initially attempted to deflect the challenge by trying to make it an MMA fight, and KSI looked initially to be fighting another YouTuber until Logan stepped up.


While Logan will be fighting KSI, his brother Jake will be fighting KSI’s brother, ComedyShortsGamer, aka, Deji, in the fight before the main event.

Both sets of fighters have been enlisting the help of professional boxers and trainers in their attempt to get up to par, and a new video from KSI has seen him in the ring with professional boxer, Chris Eubank Jr.


During their session at a gym in London, Chris Eubank spoke to the British personality about abstaining from any kind of sexual activity ahead of the fight.

The pro boxer revealed he normally holds off for eight weeks before getting into the ring, and he went on to work out that given KSI will be fighting a shorter set of rounds, he should be holding out for two weeks.

“An important aspect of boxing, that a lot of people don’t know, or don’t understand; no women before a fight. No type of sexual contact, of any type. I mean for me going into a world title fight, it’s eight weeks, eight weeks of nothing. 

Eight weeks of abstinence. It’s mad because most guys don’t go more than a couple of days, so to go eight weeks, is super human.

For you, three six minute rounds, I would say two weeks. Fourteen solid days of discipline. It’s going to be tough.”