Preschool teacher under fire for making OnlyFans to pay mom’s hospital bills

onlyfans teacher Etzane PeñaTwitter/_etzane

A preschool teacher has sparked outrage online after making OnlyFans content in order to pay off her deceased mother’s cancer treatment payment.

Mexican OnlyFans model Etzane Peña says she had to resort to creating spicy videos on the adult platform to earn enough money to help out after her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Her mother first fell ill in 2013, but her situation worsened as the cancer spread in 2019. To make matters worse, social security wouldn’t cover most of her treatment.

In a recent interview, the OnlyFans star explained that her decision to make an account on the site earned her a ton of backlash online, but she has since carried on with the content even after her mother passed away.

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Teacher responds to backlash over OnlyFans content

Speaking with Fuente Informativa, Peña explained that her job as a preschool teacher “didn’t even cover a thousandth” of her mom’s medical expenses.

“I opened [the OnlyFans account] because Social Security did not cover all the medicines, chemotherapy, and surgeries that my mother needed,” she added. “One of those medicines cost more than 20,000 pesos a month, and thanks to this, I was able to pay for it and afford her surgery.”

onlyfans model Etzane PeñaInstagram/_etzane
Etzane Peña has been using OnlyFans to pay for cancer treatment.

20,000 pesos roughly translates to $1,000 USD, which is a lot of money to be spending every month on medical bills.

However, despite her mother since passing away, the model has continued to make OF content, justifying her reasoning by claiming she paid for her brother’s degree and another woman who can’t afford chemotherapy.

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She’s also hardly the first teacher to get involved in OnlyFans. Notably, Arizona science teacher Khloe Karter was fired after she was caught making videos on her students’ classroom desks with her husband.

Additionally, former preschool teacher Brenna Percy was fired and banned from OnlyFans after she took a “naughty” photo in the school’s bathroom and flooded TikTok with ‘hairy armpit’ videos.