Prank YouTuber under fire for buying homeless man food and eating it in front of him

YouTuber backlash over prank videoTwitter: Dexerto

Prank YouTuber ‘whatsuptre’ is under fire after uploading a video where he offers to buy a homeless man food only to begin eating it right in front of him.

Over the last few years, an increasing number of content creators have begun using their platforms for good, with a large chunk of them being on TikTok.

Using the money they make from viral videos, many go out and help people with food, clothes, or even just random amounts of cash.

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YouTuber whatsuptre uploaded a video that appeared to involve him helping a homeless man in need but sparked backlash after eating the food in front of him.

YouTuber under fire for prank on homeless man

The video, which appears to have been deleted from the prankster’s YouTube channel, showed the creator approaching a man behind a Wendy’s to ask if he was hungry.

Tre went inside to get the homeless man the food he asked for and quickly brought it back outside.

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Instead of giving it to him, however, Tre began eating the food. Many believe the video is staged but has received a fair bit of backlash since it began to go viral.

People were quick to share their thoughts about the video on Twitter.

“He just made sure his career will never take off,” one user replied.

Another viewer said: “I’m not so sure this is real, but stuff like this does actually happen to those experiencing homelessness and it’s incredibly sad.”

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While a third responded: “Hmm, seems like people will do anything and everything for a little fame. Looks like all morals and dignity get thrown out of the window.”

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