Post Malone opens up about Jake Paul “doxxing” him in 2017

Brent Koepp
YouTube: Late Night with Seth Meyers / Jake Paul

Chart-topping singer Post Malone opened about Jake Paul during an interview on Steve-O’s Wild Ride! podcast. The singer revealed what really went down when the YouTuber exposed his home address to millions of viewers in 2017.

Post Malone is one of the most recognizable musicians in the entire world in 2021. His massively popular singles such as Circles, Rockstar, and Better Now have made him a household name in both the R&B and Pop genres.

The 25-year old opened up about his past in a sit-down interview with Steve-O on May 20. The singer revealed whether he still holds a grudge against Jake Paul after the YouTuber showed up at his house uninvited back in 2017.

Post Malone on the Wild Ride podcast with Steve-OYouTube: Steve-O's Wild Ride! - Podcast
The popular singer opened up about Jake Paul while talking to Steve-O.

Post Malone opens up about Jake Paul “doxxing” him in 2017

During the Wild Ride episode, host Steve-O asked Malone about his incident with Jake Paul in 2017. “You have now purchased merch through Jake’s website. And so Paul goes through his orders, and he manages to figure out which order is actually yours, so now he has your home address and decides I’m gonna personally deliver to Post Malone’s house and videotape the whole thing. He essentially doxxed you,” he said.

The singer broke into laughter before admitting he doesn’t know exactly how the star got his address. “I think? Maybe this is how it happened. I mean, you know, I’m sitting there just playing games and someone knocks on the door. And I’m like “who the f**k is that”? And I open the door and it’s Jake f**king Paul with his merch.” Malone then explained that he had to have a talk with Paul and tell him he was not happy.

“And you know, here’s the whole thing. I don’t know necessarily, but I had a talk with him and we talked about that whole thing. This was after the fact. And it was just like that isn’t cool. And [Jake Paul] was like “yeah, that wasn’t cool.” You know as of now, whatever the f**k is going on whatever. We’re on level grounds,” he said, before joking, “I think he had the best intent at heart. OR just the best content!”

(Topic starts at 42:35)

The incident took place in 2017 after Post Malone appeared on the H3 podcast. During the show, he jokingly bought Jake Paul’s merchandise. The singer was shocked when Paul showed up a few weeks later to personally drop the items off at his house.

Unfortunately, the YouTuber didn’t blur out the singer’s address during the stunt which led to him exposing Malone’s address to viewers before taking the upload down.

(The video below is a re-upload of the incident with the address removed. Malone has since moved.)

So it appears Post Malone has moved on past the incident. The star clarified that he genuinely wanted to buy Paul’s “God Church” merchandise in 2017 because he found the ridiculous slogan to be hilarious.

The 25-year-old also addressed his dormant relationship with YouTube duo H3H3 during the podcase, calling Ethan Klein “an incredible guy” and Hila “the most amazing person.” The pop star revealed he wanted to reconnect with them and would be texting them “soon.”