Popular YouTubers Schaffrillas Productions reportedly involved in fatal car crash

Schaffrillas with other YTP creators at TMGSchafrillas/Twitter

The minds behind YouTube group Schaffrillas Productions were reportedly involved in a fatal car crash, leaving two dead and another in critical condition. 

It was first reported by Lehigh Valley Live that James Phyrillas, the creator behind the YouTube channel Schaffrillas Productions, is currently in critical condition after a car crash.

Unfortunately, his brother, Patrick Phyrillas, and a friend, Chris Schaffer, both passed away as a result of the accident. Patrick and Chris were 22 and 25.

The car crash is said to have happened on Sunday when their car was struck by a tractor-trailer at an intersection in their small town in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.

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YouTubers behind Schaffarillas Productions involved in fatal car crash

There was no traffic signal at the intersection, according to the report. The deaths were ruled as accidents by the coroner. But the crash is currently being investigated by the Upper Macungie Police.

Schaffrillas Productions was the creation of James, with both Chris and Patrick being regular guests in videos.

The channel was first created as an avenue for them to post skits during high school, hence the name of the channel being a portmanteau of their last names. But it slowly turned into a place where James would post YouTube Poops, taking inspiration from various popular animated movies.

But it wouldn’t take too long until James would slowly transition into becoming a film critic talking about his favorite, and sometimes not so favorite, animated films.

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However, the off-kilter humor from his time creating YTPs never left him, as many of his review videos would go on to be edited by other YTP creators, lending a unique sense of humor mixed with incisive commentary of films which they would go on to be known for.